Agave tequilana

Agave tequilana


18 x 24 inches

Medium: OneShot enamel and urethane on copper, mounted on a birch panel

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Commonly called Blue Agave, Agave tequilana is best known for its use in the production of Tequila. It is a vicious plant with sword-like leaves and tiny teeth that bite and sting.

This painting is part of a series of paintings that focus on the geometric reorganization of plant and animal characteristics into patterns.

Much of the copper used in this project was reclaimed from industrial sites and would have been apart of landfill.

OneShot is a type of paint used by sign painters and pinstripers. The colors are intensely vibrant and solid.

I designed the work in this series so that it would not need a frame. The natural birch panel appears around the sides.