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Southside Tattoo

Randall  |  Photographed with Nikon D4, 50mm lens, ISO 12800, f 9.0 and 1/125 second

Randall  |  Photographed with Nikon D4, 50mm lens, ISO 12800, f 9.0 and 1/125 second

I have no tattoos, which is sort of a shame. I feel like I would look good with a tattoo. I definitely enjoy looking at people with body modifications. So when I spotted this gentleman as I was walking toward the Continental Club, I felt compelled to ask him for his photo. But he was hanging out by the neon sign with three other burly-looking dudes, so I kept walking. It was early and people in groups are less likely to let me take a photograph of them.

I went back though. And after taking a few quick snaps of Randall (pictured above) and Jett (in the gnarly Beavis and Butthead t-shirt), I thanked them and left. I wasn't there to get a tattoo, and this was a business. I always want to be respectful of people who are working.

Later I discovered that this tattoo shop has been documented by the writer Spike Gillespie. I've been enjoying the creative musings of her blog, Man College, where she asks the tattoo artists thoughtful questions like "If you only had four minutes to live, what would you do?"

Hindsite Lesson: Look around. The better story might not be the one you came here for. I was intending to photograph the dancers at the Hot Club of Cowtown show at the Continental, but ended up liking these shots way better.

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